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7" Black Onyx Solid Hexagon Ceramic Orchid Pot


7" Black Onyx Solid Hexagon Ceramic Orchid Pot

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We are pleased to introduce the latest additions to our great selection of exquisitely glazed ceramic pots. This new offering of 5" and 7" beautiful black onyx color ceramic orchid pots makes available some of the best designs in a pure white that goes so well with a wide variety of orchid blooms. Pictured here is the Black Onyx Solid Hexagon with slightly inset panels on each of the six sides. Perfect for any prized plant, for gift giving, and gorgeous all year round in any setting. We have some of our favorite orchids in them for our own enjoyment and they look amazing.

  • Unique Design
  • Beautiful Glaze
  • Pot sits high above attached saucer
  • Same Day Shipping!